Saturday, 10 March 2012


Knowing your doing okay makes me happy,
Don't think I don't think about you,
You are my bestfriend still, and always will be.
I miss you too.
I has some horrible news this week,
Dads been diagnosed with lung disease,
It's been a week from hell full of writing wills and thinking of funeral arrangements incase it develops faster than we wish.
It would of been good to have you here to help me through it.
My worlds crumbling around me.
He can't die. He's my rock. You know that.
But what upsets me is that your not happy and don't want to be here,
Yet someone I love might be taken away from me,
Can't you see how awful it is?
How much everyone will be upset around you?
Don't ever give up.
Cause I wont ever give up on you.

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