Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What if

Im glad you're happy. Im glad something good has happened. Your happy and that makes me happy. Its all i ever wanted for you. You know that. Reading something that brings a lump to the back of your throat. All i want to do is see you, give you a massive hug and hear about how good things are going for you. Have a coffee in the usual Starbucks. I know it wont happen but its nice to dream eh?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Oh how things have changed, In 2 months ill be in my new flat, Finally getting out of Warrington and moving to Liverpool. Im so excited and cant wait to start a fresh page. A gorgeous city centre apartment filled with all my crap, Perfect! As much as things change, New job, Moving cities, Amazing friends and a lovely boyfriend. Ill never forget when my heart was opened up to you. I still think about you highly and hope that one day soon, We could be friends again. I guess time will tell, But im so happy that you seem happy, and finally living life how you've always wanted to live it.