Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stupid girl

I just want everything to be back how it used to be.
I feel like Ive made a huge mistake,
I hurt the one person that meant everything to me,
I really hurt her,
I never meant to.
She was my everything and now were just best friends,
Is this really what i want?
I dont know what i want anymore.
All i know is that the moment i lay my eyes on her im back at square one when we first met,
Trying to resist her,
Being nervous around her,
Wanting to impress her,
Everything is complicated now,
Its all my fault.

Her head is all over the place,
She a little troubled soul.
Am i just making everything worse for her?
Confusing her even more than she already is with everything else.
Do i even make her happy anymore?
Or do i just upset her?
All i want to do is protect her,
Love her,
Be there for her.
I dont even care about the age anymore,
I miss my best friend that i fell in love with.
The girl who knew everything about me,
Understood my weird ways.

Can i learn from my mistakes and mend all of this?

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